Short term Car insurance

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.......... and here are some more tips on saving money.

10 Ways to Save Money in a Recession

It’s always difficult to save money, but when times are hard it makes the task even more complicated. We’ve compiled ten tips for saving money during a recession.

Look after the pennies – One simple way to save money is to take all your change at the end of the day and stick it into a jar or piggybank. You’ll barely notice the money being stashed away, but after a few months you’ll have a nice little stash of savings.

Pensions – starting a pension scheme as early as possible in a great way to ensure your finances are healthy when you retire. By signing up to a pension, the money is often automatically taken from you, so you have no control over whether you save or not!

Continue paying loan repayments even when your loan is finished – this might sound stupid, but by simply switching the repayments to one of your own saving accounts once you’ve paid off a loan, you can switch those repayments into a savings mechanism.

Eating on the cheap – hit the supermarkets 30 minutes before they close and you’ll find many, many items reduced. Fancy a loaf of bread for 8p? You can then make cheap sandwiches for lunch and avoid the expensive bought-lunch options.

Dress well for less – looking good is something we all want to achieve, and fashion is one way we look to do this. However it doesn’t have to be expensive. Once you found a style/pattern/colours that you know works well for you, shop smartly so you can mix and match all these items together and still look cool. Don’t be afraid to visit charity shops for some great bargains too.

Watch those standby TVs – a great way of saving money on electricity bills is to get into the habit of turning all electrical items off at the power source, as opposed to simply setting them to standby. When TVs, HiFis etc are left on standby, they are still using up amounts of electricity.

Switch the heating from constant – instead of having your central heating on permanently, consider having it on for three hours in the evening and one hour in the morning, you’d be surprised just by how little you notice the heating not being on permanently.

Get a hobby – There are many hobbies out there that pay dividends. Get involved with things like stamp collecting, rare figure collecting and coin collecting and all of a sudden your hobbies have become an investment.

Start early – if you have children, encourage them to start saving too by putting away a little of their pocket money. It’s a great skill to learn early and will prepare them for later in life, plus teach them the importance of money.

Treat yourself – finally, by splashing out every now and again on something you can afford, you’ll reward yourself for the saving you have been doing and this will encourage you to save further.

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